Only three months to go until our fifth edition of Mobile Photo Connect, so it’s the perfect time for a reality check! Not a week goes by without some industry observer, tech writer or photo vendor uttering the phrase “more than ever before” in relation to how/when/why/where consumers take, store or shareContinue Reading

Yasha Spong

Repetition. Our life is plagued with repetition. From the moment we wake up to the moment we return to bed, we spend our days repeating most of the tasks that we had done the day before. We talk to the same people, see the same place, think the same thoughtsContinue Reading

 Photography is a capitalist tool. With a camera you can transform time into money. The creation of wealth by trading labor against capital is, after all, at the root of any capitalist society. And that is what every photographer does. But unlike most professions, the time spent on creating aContinue Reading

There is no ultimate photograph: A photograph that would end all photography. There are images that dance on the edge of perfection, those that push boundaries, but none that end photography. Not even the sheer volume of photographs taken daily can remotely come close. No photograph, or no amount ofContinue Reading

Smartphone apps that print photos are doing more than delivering an increasing share of print vendors’ revenues: they’re also attracting new customers who haven’t previously engaged in printing, according to the just-published Photo Output App Market study by Suite 48 Analytics. Prime examples include: –       Over 20% of Snapfish’ mobile app customers are new to SnapfishContinue Reading

Having a widely successful photo sharing platform is only the beginning. The next step, the hardest one, is monetizing it. Snapchat might be the first one on the path of a successful implementation, even if it is still far away. We have already touch upon this subject before but Snapchat’sContinue Reading

After a day listening to some of the leading figures of the photo/video tech world, here are 3 points that quickly emerged: Computer vision : Or more specifically, object recognition, is making huge progress. Already we’ve seen facial recognition going mainstream in many apps, Facebook, included. But the harder taskContinue Reading

Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins investor, just released her 2014 her annual  Internet trends report which briefly trended on Twitter yesterday. Year after year, the report is slowly becoming a yearly milestone for the those in the internet business and those just curious about it. For us, it’s another opportunity to look atContinue Reading

This quick edit of images from Syria below was done in a few minutes using a free web app called Storify. All I had to do was type in keywords into a search that covers Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, G+ and many more, select the images I liked and publishContinue Reading