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  • The Curious Case of Text-to-Image Generators and Stock Photo Agencies
    Stock photo agencies have always been synonymous with rich, visual content. However, an interesting new development is on the rise. At least three such agencies are now venturing into the realm of text-to-image generation, daring to stand toe-to-toe with big players like Stability AI, Open AI, and Midjourney. The catch? They’re using the very technology […]
  • Generative AI : Do or Die
    Understandably, new powerful technologies like generative AI triggers anxiety. But the conversation needs to evolve and move on from the fear of what it might potentially do if left unrestrained: From cataclysmic copyright infringement to the complete substitution of our reality, it is bringing a tsunami of society devastating changes. And if our elected political […]

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In case you missed it:

10 questions to a founder: Geniverse

If 2021 was the year of the NFT, 2022 is the year of generative AI.  With the release of version 2 of DALL·E, OpenAI has unleashed world awareness on the possibility of synthetically created visual content. In its wake, developer and companies are proposing interesting ways to handle and interact

Image generative AI and the everyday company

If you haven’t heard about Dalle-2 or any of its variations ( Imagen, Midjourney, Wombo), you are probably on a very unplugged vacation or have found that rock where, for some reason, some people sleep under. Regardless. Generative AI is here and, while not perfect, shows promises of excellence. While

Instagram and Facebook – as we knew them – are dead

Om Malik. Instagram is dead. This was the conclusion last week of the writer, photographer, and investor Om Malik. Much to his regrets – as he was a big fan of what was initially a mobile social network based on visual storytelling – Instagram has died.   In Om’s own

6 game-changing visual tech innovations

Is it me, or do we really see way more imaging visual tech announcements popping up each week that have game-changing potential? In any case, here are 6 visual tech announcements from just the last couple of weeks that each could completely change how we view, capture, or edit visuals.

The Data Farm (viztec stats) :

Instagram Metric
Instagram metrics
Leak Images
VSCO by the numbers
Image creation and Image sharing
Image sharing

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