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  • New Media, New Rules: Reimagining Photojournalism
    When was the last time you saw a great news picture? Or a piece of reportage that truly made an impact? Regardless of your opinion of the winners, did you see any of the World Press images winners when they were actually published for the first time? If you can’t recall a specific date, don’t […]
  • A Royal Fiasco ?
    It started quite innocently. A family picture for Mother’s Day to share with close ones and the world. Just before sending, a quick alteration here and there to make everyone look better, remove distractions, and voila. Posted on social media as well.Except this mother is not your everyday mom. She’s a queen in waiting, and […]

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a robot taking a picture of a wedding couple at sunrise

GenAI and the forced evolution of Photography: From Artifice to Authenticity

The rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence has been nothing short of revolutionary, impacting every domain from finance to the arts. In the world of photography, GenAI has had a transformative effect, much like the impact photography once had on painting.  The Historical Parallel: Photography and Painting    When photography emerged

Where are NFT ‘s today?

For those with little or no memory, there was a time not so long ago when every mention of photography was preceded or followed by these three letters: NFT. Since generative AI burst onto the scene, mentions, as well as the value of these three letters, have plummeted. The frenzy

Protecting your content in the age of AI

“Protect your content integrity and mitigate the impact of image manipulation with proactive response mechanisms. Learn how companies are tackling the challenges of eroding trust in visual content. Act now to safeguard your brand’s reputation and reliability.”

10 Questions to a founder : Frameright

Let’s be honest; resizing is a pain. In the world of visual content, it’s like a recurring bad dream. Different social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the newcomer Threads – all have their own rules for image sizes. And it doesn’t stop there, regular websites, with their numerous

The Data Farm (viztec stats) :

Instagram Metric
Instagram metrics
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VSCO by the numbers
Image creation and Image sharing
Image sharing

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