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  • VAIsual And Smarterpix Sign world first Synthetic Media Distribution Agreement 
    As of today, everyone can download and use true to life 100% AI-generated images. Washington DC, USA. January 5, 2022. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Synthetic content pioneer VAIsual and PantherMedia, Germany’s leading stock photo agency, are proud to announce an industry milestone: For the first time ever, 100% synthetically generated stock images are now available for […]
  • Dancing with the gods of deception
    At a time when everyone is encouraged to tell their stories,  those whose job has been to tell other people stories have been battered.  Doubly assaulted by shrinking budgets and rising incredulity, its community has found no better response than repeatedly going after each other throats in the corridors of Twitter. From accusations of sexual […]

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OpenAI expands access to DALL-E 2, its powerful image-generating AI system

Starting today, users get full usage rights to commercialize the images they create with DALL·E, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise. This includes images they generated during the research preview. on 21 Jul 2022
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Is AI generation the next platform shift?

Today, less than 1% of online content is generated using AI. Within the next ten years, we predict that at least 50% of online content will be generated by or augmented by AI. on 12 Jul 2022
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Why synthetic data makes real AI better

by 2024, 60% of data used for the development of AI and analytics projects will be synthetically generated. Gartner further estimates that by 2030, synthetic data will completely overshadow real data in AI models. on 28 Jun 2022
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Microsoft Plans to Eliminate Face Analysis Tools in Push for ‘Responsible A.I.’

The technology giant will stop offering automated tools that predict a person’s gender, age and emotional state and will restrict the use of its facial recognition tool. on 22 Jun 2022
Read Full story » An Amazing Online AI Deepfake Tool

Deepswap will amaze you with deepfake AI face-swapping. Reface videos, photos, images, or any other digital content with this online face changer tool. on 06 Jun 2022
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In case you missed it:

a screen with s lot of photos on it

PaaS : Photography as a Service

The age of the camera is slowly coming to an end—especially the bulky DSLR and all its associated declinations. In a very short while, all that will be left will be those pesky in-object cameras, like the one in our cell phones and a query type box in our browser.

10 Questions to a founder : PicUP.Ai

As an exclusive sneak peek preview of the upcoming Visual 1st conference to be held virtually on October 19 – 20, we sat down with one of the many captivating presenters, PicUP.Ai: – A little about you, what is your background?  It was back in 2018, the founder of PicUP.Ai

hand full of paint colors

Adobe – Where art thou?

Canva. Adobe – where art thou? Part 1. If you can’t keep up with the phenomenal growth of Canva, you’re not alone. Last week the company announced it has raised $200M at a $40 billion valuation. Wasn’t it only a few months ago the counter stood at $15B? And it

photo of an Iphone with a lot of icon of apps on it

8 trends among the top-ranking photo & video apps

A deep dive into SensorTower’s US app store data for H1 this year The US photo & video app market is alive and well. It did not only boom during the COVID heydays last year with many consumers spending more time at home, but it has also shown continued growth

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