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  • Article 17: Are you ready?
    6 months away from the full implementation of Article 17, it seems no one is ready. Working models have yet to be agreed upon, laws have yet to be passed, and platforms have yet to be ready. At least right holders of photographs can start to get ready. … Read More → The post Article 17: […]
  • Protection of who?
    There is a reason for professional photographers. They document events with the most proximity to the truth. Denying them access to facts is denying a whole nation of citizens access to these facts and information. … Read More → The post Protection of who? appeared first on Thoughts of a Bohemian.

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Texas A&M researchers have developed a deep-learning algorithm that can denoise images to reveal otherwise invisible details.

In a new study published in Nature Machine Intelligence, researchers at Texas A&M University describe a machine learning-based algorithm that can reduce graininess in low-resolution images and reveal new details that were otherwise buried within the noise. on 26 Jan 2021
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Facebook updates its automatic alternative text system with expanded object recognition

The next-generation of AAT is, according to Facebook, also the first of its kind able to include the approximate sizes and location of subjects in the photo, such as noting that a person in the photo is standing off to the side next to a tree that towers over them. on 21 Jan 2021
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Ever app settles FTC allegations it trained facial recognition tech with users' photos

The company must now delete models and algorithms developed using photos and videos uploaded by users. on 12 Jan 2021
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Looking Glass is launching 3D photo software for its holographic tech

The startup announced its solution to that issue today in the form of HoloPlay Studio. The company’s proprietary software was created to convert 2D images to 3D. on 07 Jan 2021
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Top 10 computer vision funding and investments of 2020

Explore the list of companies that raised funding in computer vision space in 2020 on 04 Jan 2021
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In case you missed it:

Flattening the Curve using Visual Technologies

Visual technologies will help flatten the curve today & proactively track health of society.

Many of the technologies that we are depending on today to help us flatten the curve are leveraging cameras and other visual technologies to capture and analyze visual data. These visual technologies can make the difference between life and death for the millions of people who will be infected or exposed to COVID-19 over the course of this pandemic.

Can Visual Content remain trustworthy?

The battle is on. The forces of truth against forces of deception. With visual AI making it easier to fake visual content, its credibility is at stake. And with it, the income of thousands upon thousands of people worldwide who depend on the credibility of visuals to thrive: Newspapers, magazines,

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

2019 : The year of the face

It’s been ten years since Instagram launched and not long after, the selfie. It has taken the same amount of time for visual recognition to understand how to read our faces. If anything, 2019 has been the year where faces have taken center stage of visual tech, for good and bad… All

The ubertification of photography

It made a giant noise as it caught everyone by surprise — $230 million investment in a company providing photo services.  After Adobe’s $800 million purchase of French microstock photo company Fotolia, Pond 5’s $64 million investment and Shutterstock’s  $76.5 million IPO, it is the highest figures ever seen invested

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