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  • What’s really behind Getty Image’s acquisition of Unsplash
    So close to the first of April, it sounded like an April’s fool hoax: The gentle freedom-loving all sharing company is selling to the greedy capitalistic money-making titan. Or, in other words, Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash. The two unlikely partners will officially be one come the end of April, sending ripples through the stock […]
  • NFT’s and Photography
    The latest surge of internet photography chatter is about NFT, mainly since a piece of digital art called JPEG was sold at auction by Christie’s for $69 million. (If they had wanted to get the photo industry’s attention, they couldn’t have picked a better name.) The promise of riches closely tied to cryptic technology has all […]

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Billions of smartphone owners will soon be authoriszing payments using facial recognition

The next few years will see billions of users regularly using facial recognition technology to secure payments made through their smartphone, tablets or smartwatches, according to new analysis carried out by Juniper Research. on 13 Apr 2021
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AI recognizes emotions in visual art

The key to achieving this goal is ArtEmis, the new dataset, published in arXiv pre-print. The dataset based on 81,000 WikiArt paintings, includes about 440,000 written responses from over 6500 humans, explaining how a particular painting makes them feel and stating the reason behind an emotion. on 28 Mar 2021
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The hidden fingerprint inside your photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Actually, there's a great deal more hidden inside the modern digital image. on 25 Mar 2021
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SimpleTire Debuts Visual Search Technology to Simplify the Online Tire Replacement Experience

Leveraging a visual search platform in partnership with several technology companies, SimpleSnap allows motorists to take a smartphone photo of their existing tire size, upload it to the SimpleTire site and immediately receive top tire recommendations personalized for them. on 17 Mar 2021
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Twitter tries to fix problematic image crops by not cropping pictures anymore

Twitter is testing a new ‘what you see is what you get’ image preview on 11 Mar 2021
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Are videos overtaking photos? – Not so fast…

For a long time, videos have been heralded as the Next Big Thing, the capture format that was going to replace still photography.  But technology disruption often progresses more slowly than one might think. Or much faster than one might think. Or ends up stopping dead in its tracks. So where

From Giphy with love

Facebook’s acquisition of the Gif search engine Giphy proves, once again, that whoever controls visual content also controls audiences.

Flattening the Curve using Visual Technologies

Visual technologies will help flatten the curve today & proactively track health of society.

Many of the technologies that we are depending on today to help us flatten the curve are leveraging cameras and other visual technologies to capture and analyze visual data. These visual technologies can make the difference between life and death for the millions of people who will be infected or exposed to COVID-19 over the course of this pandemic.

Can Visual Content remain trustworthy?

The battle is on. The forces of truth against forces of deception. With visual AI making it easier to fake visual content, its credibility is at stake. And with it, the income of thousands upon thousands of people worldwide who depend on the credibility of visuals to thrive: Newspapers, magazines,

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