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  • What’s really behind Getty Image’s acquisition of Unsplash
    So close to the first of April, it sounded like an April’s fool hoax: The gentle freedom-loving all sharing company is selling to the greedy capitalistic money-making titan. Or, in other words, Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash. The two unlikely partners will officially be one come the end of April, sending ripples through the stock […]
  • NFT’s and Photography
    The latest surge of internet photography chatter is about NFT, mainly since a piece of digital art called JPEG was sold at auction by Christie’s for $69 million. (If they had wanted to get the photo industry’s attention, they couldn’t have picked a better name.) The promise of riches closely tied to cryptic technology has all […]

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Understanding the differences between biological and computer vision

As vision plays a key role in many things we do every day, cracking the code of computer vision seemed to be one of the major steps toward developing artificial general intelligence. on 11 May 2021
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Anyone can use this powerful facial-recognition tool — and that's a problem

PimEyes' decision to make facial-recognition software available to the general public crosses a line that technology companies are typically unwilling to traverse, and opens up endless possibilities for how it can be used and abused. on 05 May 2021
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Pinterest Launches New 'Content Claiming Portal' to Better Protect IP

Pinterest is looking to provide users with more ways to protect their IP on the platform with a new Content Claiming process, that will enable creators to register their original content and manage its future use via Pins. on 20 Apr 2021
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New photo colorizing technique uses skin reaction to light for life-like results

This colorization method mitigates the main obstacles of cameras and lenses from the olden days—namely, the orthochromatic nature of those tools, meaning that the photo capture device in question incorporated all detected light into the image without discrimination. on 17 Apr 2021
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Deepfake video app Avatarify, which processes on-phone, plans digital watermark for videos

the problem with many deepfake videos is that there is no digital watermark to determine that the video has been tampered with. Avatarify says it will soon launch a digital watermark to prevent this from happening. on 15 Apr 2021
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In case you missed it:

10 Questions to a Founder : Sensity

While damages are very real and can go far beyond a bruised reputation, companies and people are left unprotected against deepfakes and synthetic media. Only a handful of companies offer solutions to this growing threat. Deeptrace Labs, a startup based in the Netherlands,  offers to change that. We discussed with co-founder and CEO Giorgio Patrini on how it works :

How to catch a fake

There are three types of fake photos and yet, no real net to catch them. For an industry built on illusion, it is not such a surprise.

Are videos overtaking photos? – Not so fast…

For a long time, videos have been heralded as the Next Big Thing, the capture format that was going to replace still photography.  But technology disruption often progresses more slowly than one might think. Or much faster than one might think. Or ends up stopping dead in its tracks. So where

From Giphy with love

Facebook’s acquisition of the Gif search engine Giphy proves, once again, that whoever controls visual content also controls audiences.

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