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  • The fragmentation of photojournalism
    In photojournalism today, it is no longer one-size photo fits all but multiple images fits all. Photographers have to learn how to conjugate their images. … Read More → The post The fragmentation of photojournalism appeared first on Thoughts of a Bohemian.
  • What’s really behind Getty Image’s acquisition of Unsplash
    So close to the first of April, it sounded like an April’s fool hoax: The gentle freedom-loving all sharing company is selling to the greedy capitalistic money-making titan. Or, in other words, Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash. The two unlikely partners will officially be one come the end of April, sending ripples through the stock […]

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Clearview AI raises $30 million from investors despite legal troubles.

The New York-based start-up, which scraped billions of photos from the public internet to build a facial-recognition tool used by law enforcement, closed a Series B round of $30 million this month. on 22 Jul 2021
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Snap buys another company to make AR shopping a reality

The idea is that a company can easily upload visuals and other information about an item into Vertebrae and have a 3D version made for shoppers to access, and potentially buy directly, within Snapchat. on 20 Jul 2021
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Timeline: Looking Back at 10 Years of Snapchat

The company’s stock has recently shot up during the COVID-19 pandemic, a bright spot in a decade of highs and lows. on 19 Jul 2021
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Algolux’s solutions can be embedded into existing vision systems to help improve image quality in typically hard-to-see conditions, such as night, fog, and snow. Algolux claims its tech more directly integrates with camera and vision systems and outperforms existing commercial solutions when it comes to the precision of detecting objects. on 13 Jul 2021
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DARPA nails cash to project 'FENCE' — a smart camera that only sends pics when pixels change

By selecting and transmitting only the images that change, neuromorphic cameras produce less than one per cent as much data in sparse scenes relative to traditional FPAs on 07 Jul 2021
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In case you missed it:

10 questions for a founder :

A little less than a week before he takes the stage at the 2020 edition of the Visual 1st Summit, we sat down with Paul Kruszewski, founder, and CEO of for a sneak preview of his talk on human-centric AI-enabled cameras.   – A little about you, what is your

The business of deepfakes, cheapfakes, and misleading manipulated media

Some speculate that overall fake news could cost the economy $39 billion a year. Quite a market to grab for a savvy tech startup, even at 1%! But while fake news and in particular deep fakes have been accused of wreaking havoc on minds and economy, there is surprisingly only a minimal amount of companies offering tools to combat them. The reason?

10 Questions to a Founder : Sensity

While damages are very real and can go far beyond a bruised reputation, companies and people are left unprotected against deepfakes and synthetic media. Only a handful of companies offer solutions to this growing threat. Deeptrace Labs, a startup based in the Netherlands,  offers to change that. We discussed with co-founder and CEO Giorgio Patrini on how it works :

How to catch a fake

There are three types of fake photos and yet, no real net to catch them. For an industry built on illusion, it is not such a surprise.

The Data Farm (viztec stats) :

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Instagram metrics
Leak Images
VSCO by the numbers
Image creation and Image sharing
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