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  • Dancing with the gods of deception
    At a time when everyone is encouraged to tell their stories,  those whose job has been to tell other people stories have been battered.  Doubly assaulted by shrinking budgets and rising incredulity, its community has found no better response than repeatedly going after each other throats in the corridors of Twitter. From accusations of sexual […]
  • This is not a press release
    The stock photo industry has been devastated. From various newsletters and blogs, some very insightful, it is down to almost zero, if only for a few survivors. Even bulletin boards, populated mainly by microstock shooters, seem to have lost all steam. Is it that all has been said and written or that there is just […]

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Google introduces a new way to search that combines images and text into one query

Google says it will leverage MUM’s capabilities to upgrade Google Lens with the ability to add text to visual searches in order to allow users to ask questions about what they see. on 30 Sep 2021
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D-ID launches ‘Speaking Portrait,’ a way to turn photos into custom, photo-realistic videos

The company whose tech powered the sensational MyHeritage app that turned classic family photos into lifelike moving portraits is back with a new implementation of its technology: Transforming still photographs into ultra-realistic video, capable of saying whatever you want. on 27 Sep 2021
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MU engineers' software can replace faces in social media photos with synthetic facial images

Lin and her team in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science propose using a face-swapping method to replace the faces of users found in the backgrounds of photos without compromising the integrity of the photos. on 23 Sep 2021
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Syte Acquires Top Visual Search Company Slyce to Expand North American Footprint

Syte, the leading Product Discovery Platform for retail, today announced that it has acquired both the fashion and furniture segments of Slyce, a US-based visual search company that has integrated its technology into the apps and websites of more than 60 major retailers, including Abercrombie & Fitch, New Look, and Ashley Furniture HomeStore. on 23 Sep 2021
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Truepic, which just raised $26M in a Microsoft-led round, aims to verify the authenticity of photos and videos

Rather than trying to detect what is fake, Truepic says its patented “secure” camera technology proves what is real. The startup’s technology acquires “provenance” data (such as origin, contents and metadata) about photos and videos and uses cryptography to protect the images from tampering before they reach the intended recipients. on 14 Sep 2021
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In case you missed it:

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Photo & video app news – Q1 update

I’ve been very busy wrapping up our DIY video apps market study, so this week no feature article but covering some interesting industry news instead: MyHeritage. Animating these old photos. We all know the value of our irreplaceable family pictures. But what if they could be animated and it appears that

3D , the old fashion way

Shutterstock, Turbo Squid and an ocean of content

Shutterstock’s acquisition of 3D marketplace Turbo Squid is significant for a few reasons, some of which might not be obvious. The first and well-understood purchase trigger is that the microstock company is under pressure to expand its offering horizontally. There is a known ceiling to the paid licensed still images

From Photo Frame to Media Empire?

Remember Framen? This German startup’s CEO, Dimitri Gärtner, did a Show & Tell presentation at Visual 1st two years ago, showing his company’s digital frame photo viewing solutions. To my surprise, I learned a few days before Christmas that a company no less than Axel Springer had just acquired the

Our predictions for visual tech in 2021

2020 has made screens our primary interface to the world. While pre-pandemic, we were mostly physically interacting with the world, using all of our six senses, the past year has been essentially just visual.  Except for our immediate family, it is via a digital representation, text, photos, or video that

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