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  • What’s really behind Getty Image’s acquisition of Unsplash
    So close to the first of April, it sounded like an April’s fool hoax: The gentle freedom-loving all sharing company is selling to the greedy capitalistic money-making titan. Or, in other words, Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash. The two unlikely partners will officially be one come the end of April, sending ripples through the stock […]
  • NFT’s and Photography
    The latest surge of internet photography chatter is about NFT, mainly since a piece of digital art called JPEG was sold at auction by Christie’s for $69 million. (If they had wanted to get the photo industry’s attention, they couldn’t have picked a better name.) The promise of riches closely tied to cryptic technology has all […]

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Facebook Adds Insights to Rights Manager for Images

Creators and publishers will get a better picture of their protection activities and engagement with their content on 04 Jun 2021
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Photo App Poparazzi Set To Reach $100 Million-Plus Valuation In Benchmark-Led Round Days After LaunchPhoto App Poparazzi Set To Reach $100 Million-Plus Valuation In Benchmark-Led Round Days After Launch

The app’s central premise: users don’t curate their own profile page, but upload photos of friends; their own profile pages are then developed as those friends posts photos of them back. The app asks for access to a user’s contacts list and automatically follows people already on the app whose numbers a new onboard has saved. on 30 May 2021
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Affectiva to be acquired by Smart Eye

Affectiva has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Smart Eye, a global leader in AI-based eye tracking and driver monitoring systems. on 26 May 2021
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AnyClip Gets $47 Million For Recruiting AI To Manage The Video Deluge

Analyzing 60 minutes of video in 6 minutes, AnyClip is ushering in the era of AI and Video speed dating, helping you quickly find or discover the most important video clip you need right now. on 26 May 2021
Read Full story » Raises $4.5 Million to Help Revolutionize the Quality of Digital Imaging in Poor Light, Wide Dynamic Range, and Low Visibility, an AI image processing start-up, announced that it has closed a $4.5 million Seed Round led by Ibex Investors with the participation of Spring Ventures of Aviv Refuah, Capital Point of Yossi Tamar, and additional investors. Their mission is to enable high-quality digital imaging in all circumstances and conditions and especially in situations in which visibility is currently limited (low light, fog, WDR, etc.). on 19 May 2021
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In case you missed it:

10 Questions to a Founder : Sensity

While damages are very real and can go far beyond a bruised reputation, companies and people are left unprotected against deepfakes and synthetic media. Only a handful of companies offer solutions to this growing threat. Deeptrace Labs, a startup based in the Netherlands,  offers to change that. We discussed with co-founder and CEO Giorgio Patrini on how it works :

How to catch a fake

There are three types of fake photos and yet, no real net to catch them. For an industry built on illusion, it is not such a surprise.

Are videos overtaking photos? – Not so fast…

For a long time, videos have been heralded as the Next Big Thing, the capture format that was going to replace still photography.  But technology disruption often progresses more slowly than one might think. Or much faster than one might think. Or ends up stopping dead in its tracks. So where

From Giphy with love

Facebook’s acquisition of the Gif search engine Giphy proves, once again, that whoever controls visual content also controls audiences.

The Data Farm (viztec stats) :

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Instagram metrics
Leak Images
VSCO by the numbers
Image creation and Image sharing
Image sharing

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