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  • Generative AI : Do or Die
    Understandably, new powerful technologies like generative AI triggers anxiety. But the conversation needs to evolve and move on from the fear of what it might potentially do if left unrestrained: From cataclysmic copyright infringement to the complete substitution of our reality, it is bringing a tsunami of society devastating changes. And if our elected political […]
  • VAIsual And Smarterpix Sign world first Synthetic Media Distribution Agreement 
    As of today, everyone can download and use true to life 100% AI-generated images. Washington DC, USA. January 5, 2022. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Synthetic content pioneer VAIsual and PantherMedia, Germany’s leading stock photo agency, are proud to announce an industry milestone: For the first time ever, 100% synthetically generated stock images are now available for […]

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Picsart’s AI-powered SketchAI app turns images and outlines into digital art

Riding the generative AI wave, Picsart, the developer behind various photo and video editing apps for the web and mobile devices, is introducing a new iOS app that transforms photos and drawings into digital art. Called SketchAI, the app lets users sketch a picture or upload an existing image and apply different artistic styles to it. on 05 Jan 2023
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ImagenAI, which uses AI to personalize photo editing styles, lands $30M

ImagenAI, a startup using AI to help professional photographers edit photos and automate post-production work, today announced that it raised $30 million in an all-equity growth investment from Summit Partners. on 20 Dec 2022
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AI art apps are cluttering the App Store’s Top Charts following Lensa AI’s success

As of Monday, the top three spots on the U.S. App Store are all held by AI photo editors, and even more AI art apps are newly ranking in the Top 100. on 14 Dec 2022
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Pixyle AI wants to make visual search more intuitive for online retailers

Pixyle AI was launched in 2019 to improve product discovery on e-commerce sites and today announced a €1 million seed round (about $1.05 million USD) from South Central Ventures. on 08 Dec 2022
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V7 snaps up $33M to automate training data for computer vision AI models

In the latest development, V7 Labs, which has built tech to automate notations and other categorizing of data needed for AI training models, has raised $33 million in funding after seeing strong demand for its services. on 01 Dec 2022
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10 questions to a founder : Bria

Synthetic media is out of the research papers and going mainstream. In the last year, a handful of companies have made the technology accessible via innovative applications. Bria, an Israel-based start-up, is one of the newest addition in this field, recently launching with revolutionary AI-assisted creative tools. But it is

Synthetic media in the light of truth

As photography replaced drawing in some of its functions, the same is happening with synthetic media and photography. As we extend our plane of existence into becoming partly digital – think metaverse – tools like light-produced photography become inadequate. And while we accept a new representation of reality, the discourse

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The 7 reasons behind acquisitions in the photo & video industry

The question often comes up at our Visual 1st conference and in our strategic client workshops: What criteria to apply when selecting potential targets for strategic acquisition? And, from the standpoint of startups seeking an exit, how to choose suitable potential acquirers? Examining recent trends can provide helpful insights on

2021 – A review of visual tech

Within its half-open, half-closed status, 2021 will be remembered as a transition year: A melting pot between ending lockdowns, rising vaccines and masks mandates, new variants, ending and restarting restrictions. But if anything, it did nothing to slow down the pace of online innovation—quite the opposite. If visual tech experienced

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