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The things that kill themselves

The things that kill themselves

The particularity of the photo industry is its death wish. At its core, everything and everyone in this industry seems hell-bent into destroying itself and, along with it, the whole industry. Take PDN, for example. Long considered the monthly bible of professional photographers with its tall vertical pages, its authoritarian product reviews, and its industry-leading Read More →

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R.I.P. Rights-Managed

R.I.P. Rights-Managed

The news crackled and spread like a barrel full of fireworks set on fire by an innocent four years old carelessly playing with stolen matches. First, via an e-mail leak, then by an official press release. Getty Images, the last bastion and great defender of rights managed, was laying its swords down, defeated. It was Read More →

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The after image

The after image

The numbers are well known -billions of photos shared every day- and the habits well-entrenched- checking social media 40 times a day-. Every concert, every street performance, every incident, accident, spill, fall, weird dance, every anything that is out of the ordinary is filmed and photographed and immediately shared via a myriad of networked channels linked Read More →

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Imatag inserts invisible watermarks to track images around the web

Some clients use it to fight back against illegal use, such as photo agencies. But brands also use it to see if product shots appear on social networks for instance. They don’t want to refrain people from sharing those photos, but they want to monitor the response to a new product. on 24 Mar 2020
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Fake images: How an Oxford firm’s technology is helping to verify images online

Media outlets, in particular, are often fighting tough battles to assess whether the images they are publishing are real, or have been manipulated in some way. on 05 Mar 2020
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Facebook’s 3D Photos feature now simulates depth for any image

Starting today, 3D Photos is compatible with any modern handset with a single camera — specifically an iPhone 7 or higher or a midrange or better Android device. on 29 Feb 2020
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eBay now uses computer vision to remove product photo backgrounds

Image Clean-up, as the tool is called, automatically removes the background from a photo so that only the item being sold appears in the image. on 27 Feb 2020
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Google is adding icons to let you know where image search results come from

On the search page itself, you'll start seeing small badges on the lower-left corner of each result letting you know if they came from shopping pages, recipe websites, or YouTube videos, for example. on 26 Feb 2020
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Twitter acquires photo, video editing start-up Chroma Labs

Chroma Labs, a small photo and video editing start-up made up of previous Instagram and Facebook employees, announced yesterday that it's shutting down the business to join Twitter. on 21 Feb 2020
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Google to Highlight Image Licensing Information in Image Search Results

Google is beta testing a way for sites to highlight licensing information about content that appears in image search results. on 21 Feb 2020
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Contextual advertising company GumGum raises $22M

This Series D comes nearly five years after GumGum raised a $26 million Series C. Schraeder told me the company’s “core business has been profitable for years,” and that GumGum now has the ability to turn profitability “on or off” depending on how quickly it wants to grow. on 13 Feb 2020
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In case you missed it:

The solution to Deepfakes

The real strength of deepfakes or alternate images is not that they falsify the truth – we have been able to that since the birth of photography but rather, thanks to social media, that they are completely dissociated from their original creators and thus their intent. When the Soviet government

LDV Vision Summit : It’s in the silence after

After all, it’s not about a specific connection, nor is it about one particular talk or presentation. It is neither about any particular individual that you catch up with or meet for the first time. The real value of the LDV Vision Summit, instead, is the sum of it all.

Sea Machines Robotics delivers autonomous and advanced control technology for workboats and other commercial surface vessels. Photo ©Sea Machines

Why These 10 Venture Capitalists Are Investing in Visual Technologies

Investors from Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Lux Capital, Glasswing Ventures, Imagination Capital, B Capital Group, FirstMark Capital, True Ventures, Eniac and we at LDV Capital share insights. Visual technologies were once considered cute, niche & science fiction. With more visual technology companies like Pinterest and Zoom going public, the world


Photo storage: Shoebox – the end of an era ?

Last week Shoebox announced it’s closing its door on May 22nd, signifying the end of an era when one innovative cloud-based photo management/synching solution after another came to market in the 2010-2015 timeframe. Founded in 2012, Shoebox has always stood out to me for its novel interface, which enabled users to search for photos

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