If you have a few precious minute to throw away today , you HAVE to visit http://www.livinggalapagos.org/. A school project from the University of North Carolina, it is an amazing multimedia reminiscent of MediaStorm’s Kingsley’s Crossing by Olivier Jobard. It is refreshing to see young photojournalist taking the current toolsContinue Reading

While we see a proliferation of photography in our everyday lives, much more than we have historically have ever been subjected to, we also see it diminishing in size. Before the 90’s and the advent of the web browser, our only interaction with still images was mostly in print magazinesContinue Reading

It’s web 2.0 for news. msnbc.con launched the first salvo today by publishing a “photosynth” of an Obama stop. Unlike traditional photosynth, it is an aggregation of images by one photographer and it sorts of defeats the purpose of the technology. A real one would have included thousands of imagesContinue Reading

I like the new year. For one good reason. Everyone does a round up of all the best images of the year in a beautiful slideshow. So, like every year, I wandered through the internet, looking at different version of the year in pictures. This is where I went: AOLContinue Reading

I was working on the US presidential elections and something came to my attention that is worth mentioning here. When everything was still slides and film, your cut-off time for stopping shooting was whenever the labs would accept the last bath or whenever the last flight was departing to whereContinue Reading

When Brian Storm speaks, the world of photojournalism learns. The Poynter Institute, a journalistic school, has a 26 minute long interview with the founder of Mediastorm. The interview, being held in front of a boring backdrop by a girl who obviously needs some more courses in broadcast interviews could haveContinue Reading

I will never understand the publishers stubbornness in designing magazine online. They literally replicate their print edition. Not just the content, but the layout. You have a cover/front page. You have sections, you have pages and along all that, a lot and lot of text . Scrolling, for example, isContinue Reading

While photographers trade organization are wasting their time fighting issues like the Oprhan Work bill in order the save whatever they have left, and while photo agencies association seem violently silent, the world of editorial continue its downfall. According to Radaronline, Newsweek magazine got rid of 111 staffers last weekContinue Reading

It has been a rather busy year in the photography business world but let’s not forget photography itself. For all those naysayer claiming that photojournalism is dead, that photography will soon be replaced by video, and for all the others that enjoy great photography, here is the msnbc.com year inContinue Reading

Friday is a good day. It is a good day to review the week past. And for that, the first thing I do is head straight to the week in pictures from MSNBC.com. A great place to see some of the best images of the week and also vote andContinue Reading