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Finding the right visual tech solution is challenging.  In order to help, we have regrouped all known API’s and SDK’s in their specific categories so that developers can quickly and easily find the right partner solution.

 3 categories: Content Recognition, Image Matching and Content Verification.  We continuously expand our offering to include all API and SDK of the visual Tech space.

Content Recognition

Company NameDescriptionAPI SDK
Imagga• Deep learning Image & Content Recognition
• Auto tagging
• Auto Categorization
• Smart cropping
• Color extraction and search
• Content Moderation
Clarifai• Automated Image and video cataloguing via deep learning content recognition.Consume
CamfindCloudSight is a simple web API. Send an HTTP request with your image and you'll receive a description of its contents.Consume
VufindVufind Recognize is a real-time image recognition API for classification and monetization of photos and videos. Recognize uses object recognition to uncover meaning and metadata of photos and videos for contextual image commerce and advertising. Object types can be landmarks, scenes, apparel, decor,food, products, etc. We're continuously adding objects and will prioritize adding objects in genres where customer demand is highConsume
KuznechKuznech Mobile Recognition is an image recognition technology that gives fashion retailers the power to implement real-time visual search to their mobile apps.
Once integrated into your mobile application, Kuznech mobile image recognition technology allows your users to take pictures of fashion products that caught their eye (e.g. bag, shoes, jeans) in a magazine or on someone walking down the street, find similar items out of your database and to immediately be directed to product detail pages of your website to make a purchase.
Sight Engine- Realtime Image and Video Moderation with Deep Learning
- Nudity Detection
- People Detection
- Violence / Hate Detection

Content Authentication

TruePicphoto and video verification platformConsume
Verifeyed Provides a programming interface to verify the originality of digital images, PDF files, and photo-documentations.Consume
ImatagImage invisible watermarking and tracking Service. Forensic detection Consume

Image Matching

CompanyDescription APISDK
ViSenze• Image search against the image collection
• Searches against an image collection using a RGB color hex value.
Catchoom• perform visual recognition against collections of reference images Consume Get
Viscovery• image recognition and matching service Consume

We are continuously updating this list as well as adding new categories so don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions:

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