There is a battle brewing in courts that everyone in the photo industry should pay very close attention to. A company called ReDigi ( is in the business of allowing anyone to resale “used” digital files. In other words, allowing anyone to sell, for example, an MP3 file theyContinue Reading

Stock photography analysts, commercial stock portfolio reviewers, photo biz coaches, bean counters have it all wrong. It is not because a photo sells that it is a good photo. In fact it could be the opposite. Up to now, the commercial stock photo industry has been relying on only oneContinue Reading

You gotta to work with facts. Opinions are good for cocktail parties and useless , endless conversation; facts are good for business. In the last year or so there has been an emergence of Social Media “specialist” popping up here and there arguing breathlessly on the magic wonders of usingContinue Reading

American Society of Media Photographers, the Graphic Artists Guild, the Picture Archive Council of America, the North American Nature Photography Association, Professional Photographers of America, photographers Leif Skoogfors, Al Satterwhite, Morton Beebe, Ed Kashi and illustrators John Schmelzer and Simms Taback  have filed a class action suite against Google, notContinue Reading

The surf wizard. the Photo bot. Give a keyword to a bot, it comes back with the image. Better, enter a concept, or a description. it will then surf the whole wide web and return with an image. Whether from an amateur or pro, it won’t matter. Because the imageContinue Reading

Dear Copyright Advocates, The Obama Administration is asking to hear from YOU, the creative backbone of our country, about how intellectual property infringement affects YOUR livelihood. The Administration is also seeking advice on what the government could be doing to better protect the rights of artists and creators in ourContinue Reading

Great gallery from this week. Drop by and enjoy if you have time  : Photos of the weekContinue Reading

According to aboutheimage, Shutterstock is flying, eyes closed, into the editorial space. Sometimes, these microstock seem so eager to innovate that they will throw themselves into anything the competition has not done yet. Except that all new idea is  not always a good idea. A few simple lessons in editorialContinue Reading

Not quite there yet but O so much closer. Google has very quietly introduced a face recognition algorithm to their image search. No,no,no, it doesn’t recognize who is in a photograph yet. However what it does, it recognizes if there is a face in the photograph. Baby steps. Here isContinue Reading