“March 28, 2007 · A panel of judges from a federal appeals court in Denver (10th Cir.) affirmed summary judgment last week in favor of a Harper’s Magazine journalist who photographed the open casket of an Oklahoma National Guard member killed in Iraq.” The journalist in question here is noContinue Reading

Stock photography has nothing to do with creativity. It is not an art. It does not try to explain the meaning of Life. It tries to communicate. It uses a language, the visual language, to transmit a message. The true and successful stock photographer is, first and foremost, a sociologist.Continue Reading

I took this image the other day. Coming out of my gym, I saw this sticker on a light pole and right behind, badly parked, this “Public Safety” minivan and thought the contrast of the two would be interesting. Not a great picture, I agree, as I was shooting withContinue Reading

I wrote an entry about a very badly done automated face correction (not for sensitive eyes) app earlier today. I just discovered this one, thanks to The Globe and Mail, actually done by a real plastic surgeon this time and with a lot of promise: Modiface. Okay, it is notContinue Reading

I fell on this blog the other day. It attempts to register every single website that has anything to do with 2.0 and photography. It is amazing to see how many useless applications are out there, mixed with potentially good idea.  Most are Flickr’s wannabees, some seem to have moderatelyContinue Reading

Tired of going to multiple websites to find your photo industry news ? Well, playing around with RSS feeds, I was able to combine a few in the Photo Industry News Portal. (warning: hosting site subject to sudden burn outs) Unfortunately, some of the other photo sites do not knowContinue Reading

Rome and the Romans had the Colosseum. Inside a huge arena, always fully packed with cheering and chanting crowds, they would introduce a gladiator. Sometimes he would fight other gladiators, sometimes it was wild beasts. They also staged elaborated recreation of distant wars so that the citizens of Rome couldContinue Reading

From the press release: Getty Images Agrees to Acquire WireImage, a Renowned Brand in Entertainment, Event and Celebrity Imagery Move Boosts Company’s Capabilities in Fast-Growing Category SEATTLE – February 22, 2007 – It’s no secret. Now, more than ever, the world is fascinated with images of celebrities, entertainers and athletes.Continue Reading

Social networking, aggregated marketplace, Web 2.0, my friends are your friends so we should share them, quantity brings quality, a whole lot of Kabula is going on in the photography world right now. Some call it “The End’, others, a “New Beginning”, there are screams of imminent apocalypse as armsContinue Reading

I love to hear people complaining about the sorry state of photojournalism. Because, quite frankly, they complain more about the sorry state of their finances. Somewhere, somehow, there is this ongoing myth that being a photojournalism can make you extremely wealthy. It is a wrong career to choose, if incomeContinue Reading