Photography is much more powerful than we think it is. It can take pictures of the past. Take this image that you might have seen before, photographed by the Hubble telescope in 2004 : What you are seeing is the farthest image ever taken. Those tiny faint lights in theContinue Reading

It has been a while… It’s been a long while since I had seen a photographer caress light with such exquisite love and passion, capturing not its essence, but its mere delicate reflection on other objects. It has been a long while since I had seen photography describe, with suchContinue Reading

it’s not photography that is important, its the message that it conveys. What photojournalism is all about, is messaging. It brings to our attention something that is happening elsewhere, beyond the scope of our own eyes and individuality. It permits viewers to travel through space and time without ever leavingContinue Reading

Outside of the beaten path of wire services endlessly pouring at the same endless flow of images, there are islands of beauty. One of those, untouched by endless years of relentless competition, is photo agency Aurora. True to their initial vision, Aurora keeps on showing the world that true andContinue Reading

Curators, not photographers, are the stars of the first New York Photo Festival. The poster says it all, four names, big black bold letters, it’s a curator festival, photographers only welcomed to drop by and admire. Situated all around the creators’ neighborhood (Brooklyn), Powerhouse and VII, the festival of “veryContinue Reading

What is revolting about this image ? what makes people so upset ? what about this one ? Those the image above makes you feel like screaming foul ? Do you want to pick up your phone and tell the exhibitor to pull them down, immediately. I fear not. besidesContinue Reading

When you grow up, like me, with a dad who is director of Magnum, these guys become family. Because that’s what magnum is. It’s not a co-op, a photo agency, a club, but rather, a big dysfunctional family of extremely talented men and women. Burt Glinn was the crazy funnyContinue Reading

A little fun exercise for the week. Taco Bell in association with Sports Illustrated have launched this interesting website : – You pick a location – you pick some action You start shooting. No, you cannot  license them . All the fun of being a top swimsuit photographer for SportsContinue Reading

One reason Getty claimed revenues were not so strong was because according to them, a lot of the advertising dollars are going to purchase adwords at Google. Some companies pay upwards to $100,000 a month, if not more, to purchase the best location, based on your search terms.( I shouldn’tContinue Reading