I was unaware of  Trent Parke until a friend pointed it out today. Maybe, and most probably, I had seen some of his images somewhere and had failed to register his credit. It happens. Magnum in Motion, one of the best achievement of the Magnum photo agency, has just publishedContinue Reading

I do not want to see another photo essay, multimedia or any visual on dying Africans. Never, ever again.  Enough. I understand that it makes for compelling images, that it seems that the photographers cares, but it present such a distorted vision of this beautiful continent. Not every country isContinue Reading

Some photo editors need a medal…along with their editor in chief. Not a one time award for best editing. No. Something bigger, brighter and more reflective of their achievement.  Jody Quon, Director of Photography for the wonderful New York Magazine should be the first recipient. Not only the photography inContinue Reading

The future of photography is exclusive content. Not exclusive as in no one else wants to shoot this, otherwise called “niche” photography. No, no. Niche photography is just exactly that : a specialized market. And with specialized comes limited. When photography was still film, print and slide, no one couldContinue Reading

Just caught an interesting initiative, half way between desperation and a great idea. A group of former LA Times photographers recently laid off from the newspaper have grouped together to form The prophotographynetwork ?We will shoot anything, anywhere, for anyone,? seems to be their key phrase, along with “the bestContinue Reading

If you think it’s just one among the numerous search engines that landscape the Internet and help you search for what you’re looking for, well, you couldn’t be more wrong – Google, to put it mildly, is a search engine giant. And going a little overboard, you could say thatContinue Reading

There is something amusing about photography. You can see it mostly in “fine art” ( why is it called “fine”, BTW?.. as opposed to what “brute” art ?). It goes something like this. Take a seat and read on. If you shoot something ( it can really be anything) eitherContinue Reading

Is this the future of photography?  The ultimate 3D image ? Maybe not, as it would require being everywhere at the same time. It can certainly be done at sports game, for example, with multiple remote cameras. But it is certainly a glimpse into how the still image could evolveContinue Reading

There has been a lot of talks about photoshopped photojournalism lately, what is acceptable or not, what should photo contest approve or disapprove. Here is, for the benefit of everyone, a couple of links on photographer extraordinaire, Tyler Hicks, who really doesn’t not need to alter his images to getContinue Reading