For those who couldn’t make it, LDV has just posted videos of the panels held at its latest Vision Summit, in New York this past month of May.  Since the summit lasted 2 days this year, with over 80 international expert speakers, 40 sessions, and 2 competitions, there is a lot to view. Curating a must-see list is a challenging task since it greatly depends on the specific interest of the viewers but  here are a few tips:  Since Day 1 was focused on the technology behind visual tech,  this is where you will find  panelists discussing trends and breakthroughs in research. Day 2 was about business, with panelists discussing the dollar aspect of visual tech, its potential revenue reach, and its challenges. Panels were also separated by individual founder presentations  with demos  of their product or service. Since some will soon become mainstream, you will have bragging rights of knowing about them first. While you might have read the interviews here, nothing beats what was actually shared on stage.

Here a few videos as appetizer:

Some of the most brilliant minds in computer vision today talk about the content recognition landscape. ~ 37 Minutes

Orbital imaging offers some of the most fascinating usage of computer processed imagery and during his talk, James Crawford, Founder of Orbital Insight, gave a glimpse into the possibilities. ~ 12 minutes.

Nick Langeveld, President & CEO, Affectiva, demonstrated how emotion detection will allow Internet of Things to become aware of how we interact with machines and eventually take appropriate measures. ~ 12 minutes.

Head off to the LDV Vision Summit website to see more of the fascinating discussions that were held on the stage of the SVA Theatre. While it might seem to be a lot see, it is certainly worth your time.

Kaptur is a proud media partner of the LDV Vision Summit

Author: Paul Melcher

Paul Melcher is a highly influential and visionary leader in visual tech, with 20+ years of experience in licensing, tech innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is the Managing Director of MelcherSystem and has held executive roles at Corbis, Stipple, and more. Melcher received a Digital Media Licensing Association Award and is a board member of Plus Coalition, Clippn, and Anthology, and has been named among the “100 most influential individuals in American photography”


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