It is not really the photo industry that is in danger of extinction, but rather a weird and strange animal that appeared about 50 to 60 years ago out of pure greed. Let me explain:  When photography became a job, the first photographers were troopers who would get up inContinue Reading

In a world gone crazy, crazy things happen. In an effort to streamline their cost, previously Holland-based stock photo agency The  Cover Story is moving their offices to….Bangalore, India. Among the many reasons that TCS offers for moving half way across the world, the company sites the ability to ”Continue Reading

There is no doubt about it. Photography is a people industry. Photographers take pictures of events because they want other people to see what they see. They edit their images with only one intend, to share them with others. Same goes for photo agencies. They have great pictures that theyContinue Reading

– Misconception No1: Photojournalism is not being killed by celebrity photographers. In fact, photographers who cover the celebrity scene, wether red carpet or streets scenes have the same ratio of good to bad photographers than in news. It takes some of the same skills to cover news and celebrity. Regardless.Continue Reading

The photo agency industry continues to complain and whine about its condition, endlessly consummated by demons it has created. For one, it has created this endless pool of incredibly mediocre photographer that has for far too long managed to make a living taking pictures. Its not amateur photography that isContinue Reading

This is not the next challenging mountain  path of the Tour de France. It is neither the now too familiar trend of the Getty stock. It is, however, the devastating path of the Jupiter Image stock.  Minus 68% in six months, for a company that is neither linked to theContinue Reading

Apple cracker jack buys debt from A21. Press release of the week Month Year : a21, Inc. Signs Non-binding Letter of Intent with Applejack Art Partners, Inc. Translation: A company with the dubious name of A21 (probably taken from a heavy drinking casino party) signed a non binding ( meaningContinue Reading

The truth about your photo organizations is that they have either no idea what they are talking about or they have no idea  what they are doing. Either way, they are slowly becoming obsolete and useless. Take PACA for example. The Picture Archives Council of America is preparing for itsContinue Reading

Barely waiting for the ashes of the CEPIC congress to cool down, Istockphoto descended on the island of Malta with a vengeance. In a quite ironical move, the microstock giant has picked the same location than the commercial stock industry association. The difference is that while one was only thereContinue Reading

So revenues from traditional clients seem to decline. Price per image are stagnating, if not dropping, while market shares seem to be eaten away by more aggressive, younger companies that have much lower operating costs. The cost of entry in the photo agency world has dropped so low that aContinue Reading