First there was the end of out of focus images. Thanks to autofocus lenses, it is now quite impossible to get a blurry image. You can, however, get the focus on the wrong object.  Now, this company out of California, is working on what they call Refocus Imaging. You can focus AFTER taking the image. Not only that, but you can play around with your depth of field. No need to play around with your aperture at shooting time.
It is still at an experimental level  and the quality is not great but once it is all said and done, one could easily have two or three versions of the same image with the focal point at different places.  The  The Digital Lens™ Platform is composed, for now, of a piece of hardware to mount on your camera and the proprietary software. It also, apparently, captures more light from the same shooting conditions by enhancing  current captors. Be prepared for more post processing time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it integrated in a camera in the next coming years.

see it for yourself 

Author: pmelcher

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