Too much about nothing. Tired of microstock, of Getty’s quarterly report, of the nay sayers and doomsday scenario ? Tired of pictures of cows in a field or girls wearing a black suit smiling while wearing a headset? Well head on the the land of great photography as it is grown daily by the likes of visual geniuses like Ami Vitale. Not only a charming and gentle individual, she is one of those that speak little but show much. I fell on one of her multimedia today and couldn’t take my eyes off the depth of the images, extremely well supported by a gentle video feed that supports the still images.

Ami’s work make you feel like you are there, with her, in the present, and makes you want to pack your stuff and do something to change this cynical world. Not because you are angry and disgusted, but because you suddenly remembered you cared.

Ami Vitale’s work here

Author: pmelcher


  1. How true. Before doing location and stock photography I was deeply involved in photojournalism…..when I look back I often feel like that what I am doing now is not having too much sense. I am glad to see that a few brave photojournalists like Ami keep showing us the real world.


  2. Great work indeed! Makes you feel like getting out more often – well at least leaving my computer screen once in a while (which could be a good start!). The world is not cynical Paul, we are! This is really funny: I have a personal project languishing on my desk (involves volunteering) and now that little baby is at the top of the pile and getting out the door today! Good times! Thanks for posting about Ami. She is an inspiration.

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