News of the sudden departure of Mary Ann Golan from the position of Director of photography might be link to this cover ?

Time cover

The image comes from a Shutterstock / Istockphoto contributor and was licensed for legendary pennies. Microstock on the cover of Time magazine sure is a milestone. It would be interesting to know if it was the image or the cost that was behind the decision to use this image.


 More on this image and the reactions here.

Author: pmelcher


  1. For as outrageous as this might have been in the past, how can anyone be surprised by this now? At this point in the game, what difference does it make if the image was licensed for pennies through iStockphoto or given freely to Time magazine by a Flickr user.

  2. This is evidence that, like it or not, SOME microstock offerings are in the same league as RM.

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