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Floris van Eck is a technology strategist, visual culture anthropologist and speaker on emerging technologies. He is the co-founder of Imaging Mind and Notilde. Imaging Mind is a visual culture community and futurist agency dedicated to uncovering the future of imaging and how it manifests itself in technology and society. Aiming to build an ‘Imaging Mind’ of connected nodes. Notilde helps organisations explore and navigate new technological frontiers at the intersection of culture and technology. They do this through a combination of investigative journalism and experiential content. Their narratives provide insights outside the radar of traditional R&D.
iphone X

The iPhone X deep-dive – Why this phone will disrupt the mobile imaging ecosystem

Key takeaways: Apple has launched the iPhone X as a showcase for the direction in which the mobile and imaging industries could be heading; The iPhone X’s high price will limit its audience, but its features will trickle down in the coming years. At the same time, the developer ecosystem gets a head start on building new apps for consumers to create enticing content, which is often the bottleneck for the adoption of new technologies; The 3D revolution is now in full-swing; many of the…

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Understanding Images

Our relationship with the camera, the lens and the image is evolving. The static stance of capturing a moment in a photograph is still there, but this is rapidly changing. With the help of new emerging technologies, photography is becoming ubiquitous and pervasive. The advent of machine vision, deep learning, semantic search, augmented reality and virtual reality among other exponential technologies will inspire us to discover, create and experience more great imagery than ever before in human history. Intelligent algorithms will inspire and teach us to…

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