Monetizing photo engagement – key topic of discussion at Mobile Photo Connect

With photo engagement on mobile devices higher than ever before, building mindshare and generating sustainable revenues – whether through apps, cloud services or print output products – are top priorities for photo app developers. Where are the untapped opportunities?

At the September 29 Mobile Photo Connect conference in San Francisco, representatives from PicsArt, Walgreens, Kite, and CleverCards will dive into the monetizing photo engagement topic from distinctly different angles:

  • Distribution is king. Over the past few years, Walgreens has placed an increased focus on photo output services within its flagship mobile app, alongside the company’s pharmacy and other business lines. In addition, Walgreens offers its Photo Prints API to a rapidly growing number of photo app developers with over 160 app integrations to date, so that these apps’ users can order photo prints and creative products from any Walgreens store directly from within their apps.
  • With 250 million installs, PicsArt is a full-featured photo editing, drawing and social network app that attracts 65 million monthly active users on all platforms. With such a following, the multi-million dollar question is how to prioritize the many monetization options, such as advertising, brand sponsorship and in-app purchasing, while continuing to grow the active user base. See interview with founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan
Speakers at the upcoming Mobile Photo Connect
Speakers at the upcoming Mobile Photo Connect


  • Cleverbug is the company behind CleverCards, a mobile application that enables users to send personalized greeting cards, auto-curated with photos of their friends and family members. Users can send cards digitally or physically anywhere in the world. CleverCards’ secret sauce to monetization is the Cleverbug Gifting Graph (a social map of its users and their friends & family, totaling over 400 million people) powered by Cleverbug’s Gifting Engine (technology that triggers purchase intent around personalized gifting events, such as friends & family birthdays and anniversaries).
  • Kite is a UK-headquartered B2B print platform that offers its photo app partners a variety of photo print-based products through its Kite Print SDK, installed on over 50 million mobile devices. Kite’s focus is on turning its partners’ photo product ordering process into an intelligent e-commerce platform that leverages machine learning, A/B testing and multivariate testing to optimize the shopping experience, pricing and product offering in order to maximize revenues for its partners.

Mobile Photo Connect will be held September 29, 2015, at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco.

Note : Mobile Photo Connect registered attendees will receive 20% discount on their PMA InnovationNow Photo Business and Technology Summit, which will be held September 27-28, also in San Francisco.

Photo by Kris Krug

Author: Hans Hartman

Hans Hartman is president of Suite 48 Analytics, the leading research and analysis firm for the mobile photography market and organizer of Mobile Photo Connect, a yearly industry conference about mobile photography.

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