As an industry, we’re still grappling with the fact that today people primarily take photos with their smartphone, store them in many places (phone, cloud, tablet and PC) and expect the ability to share them in interesting ways with friends, family, or the world at large.  We’re still searching for the best ways to serve and monetize these fast-evolving demands through apps or services, and to figure out how our offerings must adapt to stay relevant in the months and years ahead.

At Mobile Photo Connect we’ve been tracking this issue from the start, highlighting the pros and cons of innovative approaches among startups and established players. We first looked at frictionless aggregation of photos for access from any device (we called it “solving the dispersed photo problem”), followed by enabling easy discovery of, and search for, the photos that matter most to the customer (“bringing photos at your fingertips”). 


This year we’ll continue to pursue this critical issue by looking at new approaches to customer engagement.  As some photo storage vendors have learned the hard way, photo aggregation, storage, search, discovery, and sharing solutions can only be successful if consumers actively interact with their photos/videos, which requires them having creative tools to express and share their visual memories in enticing ways – call it “visual storytelling 2.0.” 

In our The Future of Visual Storytelling panel, three innovative entrepreneurs will share their perspectives on what today’s photographer needs in terms of visual storytelling tools:  What are the keys to success, what do different types of users need, and how can innovative startups continue to lead the way when large social networks (who also are increasingly aware of the value of having their users engage with and share their visual memories) are close on their heels?

Meet and hear from:

  • Leonel Duarte, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Storyo
  • Offir Gutelzon, Co-Founder & CEO, Keepy
  • Aymeric Vigneras, Co-Founder & CEO, Sharalike

About Mobile Photo Connect

The world’s premier conference for the mobile photo ecosystem, featuring 200+ potential partners and industry thought leaders: photo & video app developers, mobile vendors, cloud storage providers, software companies, camera manufacturers, trade press, and investors. The fourth annual edition of the conference will be held October 25, 2016 in the San Francisco Presidio Golden Gate Club.

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Author: Hans Hartman

Hans Hartman is president of Suite 48 Analytics, the leading research and analysis firm for the mobile photography market and organizer of Mobile Visual 1st, a yearly industry conference about mobile photography.

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