We’ve all witnessed a scene like this: a toddler inspects a magazine and taps the paper, expecting to see a larger version of her favorite photo appear, just as it does on her smartphone.

Soon, she’ll also expect the ability to navigate that photo – or video – from all angles, whether by tilting her viewing device or using a convenient headset that will also allow her to see it in 3D.

Images are escaping the constraints of the page – whether physical or virtual – and this ability to view “more of a photo or video” (the scene on the left, the right, above, below, behind) as well as its depth information will become the baseline of how photos and videos are shared.

This profound paradigm shift will be propelled by several drivers, including professional content produced with high-end tools. However many believe that, much as we’ve seen with smartphone photography, user-generated content will be an irresistible force for change, aided as it now is by versatile but inexpensive capture devices and apps that will help consumers to create and share their own 360°, stereoscopic or spatial 3D visual content.

At the Mobile Photo Connect conference on October 25 in San Francisco The Next Big Thing: user-generated VR content is the topic of a high-profile panel. The following speakers will share their perspectives on bringing imaging and VR to the masses:

  • Radu Rusu, Co-Founder & CEO, Fyusion, Inc
  • Mehrshad Mansouri, Dir. of Bus. Development & Partnerships, Software and Services, GoPro
  • Paul T. Kim, Director of Content and Services, Samsung


For more information about Mobile Photo Connect: mobilephotoconnect.com.

About Mobile Photo Connect

The world’s premier conference for the mobile photo ecosystem, featuring 200+ potential partners and industry thought leaders: photo & video app developers, mobile vendors, cloud storage providers, software companies, camera manufacturers, trade press, and investors. The fourth annual edition of the conference will be held October 25, 2016 in the San Francisco Presidio Golden Gate Club.



Photo by gadl

Author: Hans Hartman

Hans Hartman is president of Suite 48 Analytics, the leading research and analysis firm for the mobile photography market and organizer of Mobile Visual 1st, a yearly industry conference about mobile photography.

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