Canon, a leader in imaging solutions, Imaging Mind, a futuristic agency and visual culture community and EyeEm, a creative community and marketplace for photography, have partnered to present the fourth annual Photo Hack Day, Berlin on 28 November. The event, a 24-hour coding marathon, brings together the most creative developers, designers and photographers from across Europe and challenges them to prototype new photo applications that revolutionise the way we take, see and interact with images.

InfoTrends reports that 810 billion photos were taken worldwide in 2014. They estimate that number will grow to 1 trillion photos by the end of 2015 and 1.3 trillion photos by 2017. What this tells us is that people all over the world are becoming more passionate about communicating through images and videos,” said Alberto Spinelli, Digital Services Director at Canon Europe. “We are excited to tap into the Berlin tech community and continue to support these Hackathon events aimed at unleashing innovation and creativity.”

Photo Hack Day 2013
Photo Hack Day 2013

Earlier this year, Canon and Imaging Mind hosted ‘Hack the Visual’ in London, a 48-hour community hackathon to collaboratively unlock the next level in visual culture. These companies are now joining forces with EyeEm, who has been organizing Photo Hack Day since the beginning.

Berlin is a cultural hotspot within Europe, with a unique history and creative ecosystem that is alive and kicking, making it a logical location for our next event,” said Floris van Eck, CEO of Imaging Mind.

Over 150 creatives across Europe will come together to build new applications and present their projects at the public demo day on 29 November at Colonia Nova in Berlin.

Photo Hack day 2013
Photo Hack day 2013

Projects developed at the third annual Photo Hack Day in 2013 include Snapcat, a selfie app for cats; Tourist Eraser, an app that removes tourists from photos; best photo location, which analyzes impact and social graph to suggest the best place and time to take a photo of a landmark; physical filters, which uses lenses and hardware to reproduce popular digital photo filters; and more.

Weve been organizing Photo Hack Days since the very early days of EyeEm” says Ramzi Rizk, co-founder and CTO of EyeEm. “Theyre an excellent way to connect with like-minded creatives and challenge yourself to create a working prototype in an extremely short time. Its amazing to see whats possible in just 24 hours.”

Photo Hack Day 4

The main goal of the event is for participants to have fun together while learning new skills and meeting like-minded creatives. Canon, Imaging Mind and EyeEm will provide a rooftop terrace with entertainment, and serving food and drinks throughout the weekend, and award over €10,000 worth of prizes to winning teams.

To participate in Photo Hack Day Berlin, or get more information about attending demos, visit

[note: Kaptur is a media partner of the Photo Hack Day]

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