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Dennis leads the content-monetization business at NetSeer, helping publishers derive greater revenue and user engagement from display and enhanced search. As an executive, advisor and entrepreneur, Dennis has made a major impact on growth at many early-stage and young tech companies in his career. He was CEO at two venture-backed companies that made successful exits - Aligent Software and Cardiff Software - and has an uncanny ability to identify and establish long, rewarding partner relationships. Previous roles included managing director of DaggerBoard Advisors, and EVP of Software Equity Group. He holds an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurial business from UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Business and a BA in engineering from Boston University. Dennis is a sailing aficionado - and has some very entertaining stories to prove it.

Tapping the Power of Photos For Ad Targeting

  Yes, I had to start this column with the visuals above — because I’ll be talking about how images and videos are replacing text  as digital’s primary communications “language”. Look at any major website, or tap into your mobile device, and that conclusion becomes obvious. Billions of photos are being shared daily, slide shows are dominating entertainment and sports sites, and striking images seem to be anchoring all content. While publishers have embraced the maxim that “photos speak louder than words,” advertisers are now…

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