Just imagine, if you will, that publishers would get paid to use your images. Just imagine that publishers would actually generate a profit directly from your photographs. All that and you would also make more revenue at the same time . Don’t you think you would be the most popular photographer/ photo agency ?

Well, as of today, it is possible. Stipple has just launched Marketplace, an online tool that facilitate discovery of tagged images. Here is how it works : Publishers connect to the Stipple Image cloud by installing a little javascript code. They can then log in Stipple Marketplace and find images that contain embedded paid tags. Once published and thanks to viewers’ engagement, these images  start paying a revenue share to both image owners and publishers. It’s that simple.

Stipple Marketplace

For publishers, it is a godsend: What used to be a cost center can now become, for the first time ever,  a profit center. For image owners, it is a brand new revenue source. And for both, it does not require any additional work; Stipple handles all the back work. Finally, for both of them, it is free to join and participate.

But you do not have to believe a word I say. Instead you can read all about it in the Washington Post .

Author: pmelcher

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