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Donna Romer is founder and ceo of Yarn. She has 20-plus years of experience in executive leadership, having both founded and operated innovative businesses, where she consistently produced award-winning commercial software products and services in the digital visual media industry. She has been an avid developer of business-driven technology throughout her career. She also served as the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President for two digital asset management companies, eMotion, Inc., and Picture Network International, where she provided executive and operational leadership. She served technology executive positions at Eastman Kodak Company namely in the Entertainment Imaging Division. She serves as a Member of Advisory Board at Infratrac, Inc and of Digital Railroad, Inc.
Abelardo Morell

The Camera of the Future = No Camera

For thousands of years humans have engaged in making visual records of the world around them. From the earliest Ice Age animal cave paintings to birthday photos of our children, a common value seems to be expressing itself through our ever evolving technologies and skills that create “visual likeness.” Charcoal, ink, dye, pigments — these were the earliest materials. But it was the technological innovation of the camera and light-sensitive materials over 170 years ago that truly changed the game and the trajectory. Consumer digital imaging sensors are…

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