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In association with Suite 48 Analytics, we offer deep insight into the Mobile Photography market with topic-specific reports. Each one can be purchased individually.

Solving the “drowning in photos” problem will have a major impact on consumer photo behavior

With versatile photo organizing solutions coming to market, Suite 48 Analytics study foresees a significant increase in photo editing, sharing, taking and ordering photo print products. Click here for more details

Selfie usage shows no signs of abating

Despite subsiding media obsession, selfies continue to gain popularity among all age groups and have become an ingrained use case for how today’s smartphone photographers retain and share their visual memories. Click here for more details.

Smartphone photographers are turning to print

Smartphone apps that print photos are doing more than delivering an increasing share of print vendors’ revenues: they’re also attracting new customers who haven’t previously engaged in printing, according to the just-published Photo Output App Market study by Suite 48 Analytics.  Click here for more details.

Smartphone Photographers Embrace Photo Output Products: Major Market Ready To Be Tapped

55% of smartphone photographers now have experience with ordering photo output products, according to the new Photo Output Product Survey Among Mobile Photographers, a study that mobile photography research firm Suite 48 Analytics conducted among 1,641 North American mobile photographers. Of the respondents with photo ordering experience, 79% have also included smartphone photos in their orders. Click here for more details.

The Dispersed Photo Challenge Study

How do you keep track of your ballooning collection of photos when these are stored on multiple devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) or online services (photo sites, social media sites)?  Click here for more details.

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