Sometimes it is not a good thing to be too busy. Somehow I missed this, when no one should. The PX3 winners have been announced and I didn’t know. Well, better late then never. For those who do not know, the PX3 awards are considered the most prestigious and importantContinue Reading

This is a different kind of multimedia. No, not the guy on the radio talking, but what he is talking about. A photographer and a graphic novel artist got together to create a book that mixes photographs and graphics. The graphic story is about the photographer and the photographs areContinue Reading

Here are a few of the most revolting persistent aspect of the photo Industry: – Blogs that get people fired – Blogs or magazines written by people that have never ever worked in the Photo Industry yet consider themselves experts on all it’s aspects. – Photo agencies that do notContinue Reading

Recent Webby Award winner MediaStorm is offering a FREE course  on Advanced Multimedia Reporting Workshop to 8 lucky participant. But before your rush to sign up, please be aware that this is not for beginners. You have to already have a solid understanding of multimedia and its tools. More informationContinue Reading doesn’t have the swine flu virus. But it does contain some photojournalism archeological evidence. Surely, photojournalism archeology is a brand new science that does not date back as far as human archeology, but it is just as fascinating. The famous suitcase believed to contain Robert Capa negative of theContinue Reading

There has been a lot of talks about photoshopped photojournalism lately, what is acceptable or not, what should photo contest approve or disapprove. Here is, for the benefit of everyone, a couple of links on photographer extraordinaire, Tyler Hicks, who really doesn’t not need to alter his images to getContinue Reading

A bunch of photography associations recently banded together and issued a joint statement.  Called “Save photography !”, it is looking to garner enough signatures from photo professionals to make an impact. The country is France and the associations are Freelens (a photojournalist association), the UPC ( Union des Photographes Createurs)Continue Reading

I know it has been said here that the World Press Awards 2009 was a nice selection, albeit maybe too much linked to the most important events of the year. Who is to say that a lesser known event might have had stronger images ? Regardless, ever since the results,Continue Reading

Alan Meckler, the man behind the epic rise and fall of JupiterImages, is now back on the blogging block. His ” I have returned” entry is all about blaming the banks ( what, not the housing market ?). On more photographic news, the White House Photographers have voted for theirContinue Reading