The photo agency industry continues to complain and whine about its condition, endlessly consummated by demons it has created. For one, it has created this endless pool of incredibly mediocre photographer that has for far too long managed to make a living taking pictures. Its not amateur photography that isContinue Reading

let them eat cake, she had said. As the eyes of the world are turning toward China and the upcoming Olympics, this is a good time to reflect on how photography is evolving. Not as a medium, but as a media. Getty images licenses a series of exclusive images toContinue Reading

Who said that editorial photography doesn’t pay ? Dave Hogan, or “Hogie” for those who know him well, is hosting the British prime minister in his 1.2 million pounds house for the summer. I have had the pleasure of working with Hogie for many years while at ImageDirect and canContinue Reading

Woke up this morning to this news: “Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 21, 2008. Celeb Arabia, subsidiary of Dubai Photographers Agency, the source for authentic celebrity images, today announces the launch of its Middle East Celebrity Photo Collection at” Cool, I thought… let’s discover Arabian celebrities :  The localContinue Reading

So revenues from traditional clients seem to decline. Price per image are stagnating, if not dropping, while market shares seem to be eaten away by more aggressive, younger companies that have much lower operating costs. The cost of entry in the photo agency world has dropped so low that aContinue Reading

– A useful blog. With some delay but with quite a bang, Photoshelter finally launches a very useful blog for its users and beyond. Full of tips, info, rules and dynamism, it could very well become a very helpful resources for stock photographers who take photography seriously. Does that meanContinue Reading

$54,000 ?… “Advertisers pay as much as $54,000 to run a one-day ad package on the site.” says the LA times article on It is already a known fact that some agencies now license images to that site, in full knowledge of its past infringement and the current lawsuit.Continue Reading

We are getting there..slowly.  It is not an easy road, but we are getting closer.  In the last year or so, we have seen more and more image search companies come out and expose themselves. Even the even mightiest, and certainly the worst, Google Image is thinking about changing itsContinue Reading

Had wanted to write about him for a while . Most people will say, “aaa, this is not real photography because it deals with celebrity” and most people will be wrong. Photography and celebrity have a very special relationship. There would not be any celebrities without photography and photography wouldContinue Reading

This is cool. really. Although it uses an example for paparazzi, it could be used for news, sports and even commercial stock. It will probably become the new “have you got it?” gadget of the photo industry. Here is how it works. Mounted on a quad copter, a remote-controlled helicopterContinue Reading