No Time magazine. No People, Sports Illustrated, In-touch, Life & Style, Star Magazine or  National Enquirer among many others. The battle between Time Inc., Bauer Publications, American Media VS Anderson News and Source Interlink Cos has started. The 7 cents surchage per issue requested by the distributors has deprived theContinue Reading

While we see a proliferation of photography in our everyday lives, much more than we have historically have ever been subjected to, we also see it diminishing in size. Before the 90’s and the advent of the web browser, our only interaction with still images was mostly in print magazinesContinue Reading

According to the New York Post, Time, Inc. is refusing to pay the additional 7 cents per publication asked by one of their distributor as of Feb 1.  With its circulation already diminishing on most of its title, this might result in a titanic battle of wills between the twoContinue Reading

While two of the United States magazine distributors are raising their rates in the worst economic period possible, adding a potential $1 billion in cost to an already battered publishing industry, it has become clearer that the photo industry needs to brake out of  its traditional chains. According to theContinue Reading

The world economy, as we all see, is not doing well. Between massive layoffs and the beginning of a deflation trend in the USA, signs are all pointing towards catastrophic changes ahead. what does it mean for the photo industry ? Let take a look and make some predictions. TheContinue Reading

One idea, three companies. On the trail of the aggressive Gumgum and the smart Picapp, comes Fotoglif. The Canada base start up offers the same time of service as the two others, while it is not clear how. It is free to register, free to post. Somewhere in the equation,Continue Reading

There is no doubt about it. Photography is a people industry. Photographers take pictures of events because they want other people to see what they see. They edit their images with only one intend, to share them with others. Same goes for photo agencies. They have great pictures that theyContinue Reading

– Misconception No1: Photojournalism is not being killed by celebrity photographers. In fact, photographers who cover the celebrity scene, wether red carpet or streets scenes have the same ratio of good to bad photographers than in news. It takes some of the same skills to cover news and celebrity. Regardless.Continue Reading