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Photography is the number one activity on mobile. Video is predicted to be 84% of total internet traffic by 2018. Visuals cover 75% of the web’s real estate.  Social media would not exist without it. It is at the core of our daily communications.  From Facebook to PinterestInstagram and Snapchat, it has powered some of the most impressive company growth of the last 10 years. Since visuals are at the core of everything we do online, we decided it was time to give it a voice of its own.

What is Visual Tech? It’s all the technology that empowers the visual experience. Example: AR, VR, Content Marketing, Mobile Apps, Image Recognition,  In-image Advertising, Image Search.

Kaptur focuses exclusively on the rapidly evolving Visual Tech space by bringing you the latest news, discoveries, startup fundings, stats, research, launches, exits, IPO’s, along with commentaries and deep analysis written by industry experts.


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